Addnectar Studio | About Us
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What we do


We add glamour to your product photos. No matter what the quality of products’ photographs you have, we help them to truly come alive.


In the world of online commerce, quality of your product photos is the key to differentiate you from the rest of the competition. They should look premium, life-like and desirable. Our team comes with an enviable industry expertise to transform your raw product photos into visual delights that will stand tall on any e-commerce portal or at any touchpoint.


Our photo processing artists are specially trained to work on industry specific product categories. So be it online retail, apparel, fashion, jewelry or, furniture, automobile, glassware and real estate- we have them all covered under one roof.


Addnectar studio is based out of Mumbai, India with a presence in Springfield, NJ in United States. Pl review our portfolio to get an idea of the depth of our skills and our wide body of work.

Our team


Our team comprises of talented and committed artists with Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator as their core skills. The core team comes with decades of leadership experience in image enhancing, branding, photography and production. Each resource is trained to work competently with Adobe toolset, custom plug-ins and an ecosystem of supplementary tools that help in increasing productivity via automation/AI. We work 24×5 from our studio in Mumbai, India with a set up in Springfield, NJ for local support.

Photography Domains We Serve

All kinds of product photographs for e-commerce and online retail, Jewelry, Apparel, Beauty and Fashion, Accessories, Footwear, Leather products, Plasticware, Bags, Luggage, Watches, Cosmetics, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Interiors, Real Estate Exteriors, Factories and Offices, Glassware, Lighting Fixtures, Toys, Food and Beverages, Automotives, Weddings and Events, All kinds of photo enhancements and manipulations, Creative Composites, Online Ad Banners, Social Media Ad Banners, Machine Components, Education, Laboratory Equipment, Art and Craft and many others