Addnectar Studio | Computer Generated Imagery
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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is an alternative to photographing real life products. Photographing products for the purpose of showcasing them online may not be a practical option due to several reasons – product may not yet exist, keeping product inventory may be expensive, 3D visual may be required for preview purposes before the product is manufactured etc.


A 3D product model can be made using powerful software tools and then rendered to make it look like the real life product. Advantage of this approach is that there is no cost to build the product, software tools can be used to create infinite variants of the product in terms of size, shapes, colors etc. 360 view can be created easily so product exploration is easy and intuitive.


We have the skillset to create 3D models for several product categories like Jewelry, Furniture, Real estate, Home Interior, Home décor etc. Our services include 3D models, product renders, 360 views, product animations etc.

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