Addnectar Studio | E-Commerce Products
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Product imagery used for online e-commerce has specific requirements. Products must be isolated from the shot and placed on a plain (usually white) background. Image must be cleaned up and any obvious distractions (like unwanted reflections, highlights) removed. For apparel, colors must be corrected and must match the fabric when the fabric is viewed under natural light. Products like jewelry need special treatment to enhance their look. Special images like measurement and size reference pictures must be added.


Our artists understand the requirements of e-commerce site very well and have an end-to-end e-commerce photo post-processing service. It includes cropping, cleaning, sizing, color corrections, enhancements, reference and measurement shots, captioning etc.


We are well equipped to handle large volumes and turn-around times as short as 12 hours for this service. All you need to do is upload the shoot raws at the end of your day on our server. We do the rest, including uploading the finished images to any location you want.

* Hover or tap to compare BEFORE and AFTER photos