Addnectar Studio | Jewellery
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Jewellery photos need specialized retouching treatment. An unedited photo will need cleaning, removal of unwanted blemishes on the product. Reflections and highlights must be removed. Metal needs to shine appropriately. Diamonds need to look opulent and sparkling. Similarly, colored gems need to shine and reflect right hue of color. Isolating the product may need complex clipping path work if the product is intricate. And while we do all of this, at no point can the product loose its natural, real look. It’s a balancing act.


We have experienced artists who can transform how your jewelry products look on the web site. In additional to upgrading the photos, we can also manipulate photos i.e. isolate necklace from model shots, create sets from multiple photos, stack multi-focus photos to create one image etc.

* Hover or tap to compare BEFORE and AFTER photos