Addnectar Studio | Real Estate Imagery
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This service covers a wide scope of photos – building interiors, exteriors, residences, factories, home interiors, hotel rooms, outdoor landscapes, fitness centres, sports facilities, swimming pools etc. As you can imagine, there are a host of reasons why real estate photos need significant processing. Ambient light may not be optimal. There will be unwanted objects. There may be multiple light sources, unwanted reflections, highly reflective surfaces that photographer can’t avoid, glass panes, objects with different light reflecting capabilities all thrown in together etc.


Our artists understand these challenges very well and can produce high quality real estate imagery by fixing lighting issues, using multiple focus shots, removing unwanted objects, removing cast and treating all light sources, glares etc. Orientation, perspective will be looked at and fixed if required. Our artists can also create lighting profile templates and ensure that a set of your photographs comply to a certain template.

* Hover or tap to compare BEFORE and AFTER photos