Addnectar Studio | Weddings and Events
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Wedding photos need highly specialized post-processing effort to really bring out the quality in them. Public events like weddings, corporate get-togethers, trade shows are challenging environments for photographers and they must work within severe constraints of the environment – the lighting may be sub-optimal, there may be unavoidable unwanted objects in the frame, close-ups will reveal several facial and skin imperfections, photos may need a lot of corrections in terms of crop, colors, lighting etc., a set of photos will need uniformity in color and lighting profile so they can be viewed together in a consistent manner etc.


Our wedding and events photo services provide a complete bouquet of services starting from culling out bad/unusable photos, correcting and enhancing all photos, sizing them for various media, arranging them in sequences, processing 360 and panorama exposures, processing multi-focus stacks and providing final output in a timebound manner.

* Hover or tap to compare BEFORE and AFTER photos